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Elite Matrimonial

A Special Matrimonial Service Just for The Elite Class.

Find your ideal partner in your class.

100% Confidential

Everything about you is kept secure & private.

Personalized Matchmaking Service

A dedicated experienced matchmaking consultant will work for you one to one.

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Elite class consultant will be at your service all the time.

Experience of Decades

Started in year 2003 and have served thousands of customers from Pakistan and abroad.

Shaadi Organization Pakistan

The Most Trusted Matrimonial Service in Pakistan

From celebrities to high officials, from royal to overseas proposals – there is nothing we don’t cater to.

If you want to spend the rest of your life with a celebrity, a high official or a member of a royal family, you have landed on the right page.

Shaadi Organization Pakistan is the most trusted matrimonial service in the country. We understand your unique needs when it comes to the long-term, valued, significant, loving, and pious relationship of marriage.

High-end proposals from different walks of life are offered by our dedicated and professional team of consultants to make sure that you get to live an incredibly beautiful and peaceful married life, full of purpose.


Find Life Partner in the Royal Class!

If you wish to marry someone who belongs to the royal family with spectacular poise and unmatchable sophistication, the Elite Matrimonial Service by Shaadi Organization will definitely work for you! We are pioneers in providing unrivaled matchmaking services for the elite class of Pakistan. We are committed to living up to your expectations by finding you individuals from royal families who fulfill your unique requirements so that you can live your ‘happily ever after’ with someone who is unmatched in their style and taste.

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Find an Overseers Life Partner (Abroad/Foreign Proposals)

A lot of people search for highly educated, well-settled, and like-minded partners from the same ethnicity, culture, and religion, who also live abroad. If you live in Pakistan and long to marry someone who belongs to a particular kind of family or ethnicity and is settled abroad, we, at Elite Matrimonial Service, are ready to assist you in finding that special someone. We focus on serving all candidates who are interested in marrying someone who lives overseas based on their unique preferences. The services our experienced marriage consultants are going to offer you will exceed your greatest expectations and you will be able to settle down in absolutely no time at all.

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Get Married with A Celebrity!

For individuals who are interested in marrying someone from Pakistan’s fashion industry or showbiz among other industries, Elite Matrimonial Service is the place to be. It is not easy to approach celebrities these days but we, at Elite Matrimonial Service, specialize in helping you connect with celebrities who are charming, lively, and the very definition of perfection. You will be left in awe of our services of finding you an individual from the sports, showbiz or fashion industry to name a few, someone who is successful in every aspect of his or her life. With our exceptional services, you will be able to find yourself a compatible match with ease.

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High officials

Proposals from High Official, Bureaucrat, & Political Class

Whether you are looking to marry into a family of governors, MNAs or bureaucrats, you can find proposals of high officials belonging to the privileged class of Pakistan at the platform of Shaadi Organization through its Elite Matrimonial Service. Our organization caters to wealthy and established individuals seeking the proposals of high officials including governors, MNAs, and bureaucrats. Our excellent matchmaking services for the elite or privileged class facilitate individuals who long to tie the knot with a high official. With our immense efforts, you will be able to find ‘the right one’ for you.

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Find Life Partner in the Billionaire Class!

If you are an accomplished individual who wants to marry into an affluent family, our reliable Elite Matrimonial Service is perfect for you as we are accustomed to excellence. At Elite Matrimonial Service, we strongly understand the unique needs of our marriage candidates, which is why we are committed to making sure that you get exceptional matchmaking services and have a wonderful experience with us. Our team of consultants has over 10+ years of experience working for individuals from the elite class of Pakistan and we can successfully arrange a proposal for those in search of a wealthy life partner.

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Elite Matrimony Benefits

  • Dedicated Female Matchmaker
  • 100% Private & Confidential Matrimonial Service
  • Specially designed doorstep Service
  • Permanent Membership of Elite Class Matrimonial Service
  • Dedicated female matchmaker will do both sides communication to ensure your success. Elite Gold
  • Specially designed extra efforts and direct meetings to show you more profiles. Elite Gold

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