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My Personal Marriage Consultant

Marriage consultants at completely understand how difficult and painful it is for you and your beloved daughter when the prospect groom’s family does not respond back after they have visited you. Likewise, we also realize how irritating and embarrassing it can be for the groom’s family to look through numerous girls to find a matching bride but unable to find one.

Hence, we introduce to you the concept of My Personal Marriage Consultant.

Now, there will be no more time wasted, no need for embarrassing excuse calls and especially, no more heartbreak. After all, daughters are piece of our heart and sons are apple of our eye and they both deserve the best.

3+1 Tier Matchmaking

This 3+1 tier function of My Personal Marriage Consultant is quite unique.

  1. Your Personal Marriage Consultant will meet you to understand your requirement.
  2. She will then meet with other families to find the most perfect match for your daughter / son.
  3. After a match is found, we shall arrange a meeting of both families in our office. This is to ensure that you only meet with someone with high probability to become your daughter / son the perfect life partner.
  4. After first initial meeting, if you like other family, you can invite them at your home.

Personal meeting (3+1 tier) is our most recommended method to find a bride for your son and a groom for your daughter. It saves time and safes from embarrassments. Each tier is handled at separate level to ensure that all profiles are good and fit on the criteria of ‘a perfect life partner’.

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Up To 10 Consultants

When you hire a personal consultant you do not hire just one person. We are an organization therefore we assign multiple consultants to work on your profile.

  • Local Proposal: 3 to 4 consultants work on your profile at to find you the best life partner.
  • Foreign / Abroad Proposal: 3 to 4 local plus 3 to 4 Foreign Consultants work to find you the perfect match.
  • Elite Matrimonial: Up to 10 Consultants work for you in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad and Abroad to find the best person for you. is an exclusive Pakistan Matrimony service. Our personal matchmaking service is specifically for Pakistanis and Muslim only. We deeply appreciate our traditions, customs and family values. And, so we make sure to uphold them while we work towards building a relationship as sacred as marriage.

Benefits of Hiring Personal Marriage Consultant

When you hire a personal consultant you do not hire just one person. We are an organization therefore we assign multiple consultants to work on your profile.

  • Only Connect With Verified People
  • Save Time (No more useless visits – No more 100s of Tea Sessions in front of strangers)
  • Only Invite Good Families at Your Home
  • Private and Confidential
  • Quick Response Services
  • Multiple City Options
  • Multiple Countries Option
  • Profile and Documents Verification Option

How To Hire Personal Matchmaker

This paid service is available on demand. To hire personal consultant WhatsApp: +923452444262

If you cannot afford hiring a good personal matchmaker for your daughter or son you can always use our free rishta website which is on self-service basis. Please read Free Rishta Service pages to find more about our free matrimonial services.