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Privacy Policy

In order to protect each and every client’s personal information, we at have set some strict security standards. Our privacy policy statement reveals the entire information collecting process and the privacy regulations implemented for our Pakistan matrimony website. Our firm policies for the protection of your identity and privileged information are discussed in detail below.

Automated Information Collection from Registered Members

All information that is collected by our online marriage website at the time of registration is kept private and confidential, safe from all other members. This privileged information may consist of your IP address, browser settings, ISP details, etc. Your IP address serves as an identification code that represents that it is you who has logged into the account and not an unidentified user. Additionally, your ISP details are accessed to help you find a match in the same vicinity as yours. Browser settings and browser type is noted for providing you with the latest services from our website that are compatible on your browser. All privileged information is noted to provide all clients with the best services possible and no confidential information is leaked, sold or shared with any third party without the client’s confirmation.

If you remove your privacy settings at any time or share any confidential information with other members then the company cannot be held liable for the actions.

Our Shaadi online site uses cookies to improve the user’s browsing experience. However, cookies can be disabled by the user by making changes in the browser settings. Disabling cookies will in no way affect the browsing experience of the user.

Mandatory Member Information for Recognition Purposes

Every time a client becomes a member of , certain information is asked to be used as identification information and to provide customized services to clients. The client’s contact information, email address, name, age, gender and residential information all fall under the general identification information category. Any general information is never disclosed to any third party without the permission of the client.

If you remove your privacy settings at any time or share any confidential information with other members then the company cannot be held liable for the actions.

No general information is sold, rented or shared under any circumstances. For premium membership at our Pakistan matrimony site, we do ask for the client’s credit card information for billing purposes and this critical information is kept private. No third party credit processors are used in order to eliminate the risk of privacy invasion and instead 128 bit encryption is used.

Requiring Personal and General Information

Any piece of privileged information that can verify a client’s identity comes under the label of ‘personal information’. The original name of a client, his credit card information and email address are deemed as personal information. Another category of information is requested from the client as part of the registration process that is called ‘general information for identification’. This type of client information will be used in order to provide superior quality customized services. Miscellaneous information such as contact information, credit card numbers for billing, financial information like expiry date of credit card, etc. is gathered only if the client signs up for a premium membership account.

All financial information of clients is processed using our very own high encryption secure server instead of billing site owned by third party companies. The secure ‘https’ mode can be confirmed by the appearance of a bold icon in the address bar of the client’s browser at the starting of the address bar before Shaadi website address. It is important for members to understand that their billing information is only referred in case any premium service is availed by them.

All private information provided to us is in no way rented, shared or sold to any third party organization. However, public information is intended for making available to other registered members. Such information that will appear for public viewing is the client’s name, age, gender, location, profession, etc.

Usage and Access to Client Information

Once you become a member of our matrimonial website, you have given us permission to contact you via the email address and other contact details provided to us. Notifications related to instant messages and emails sent from other members will be forwarded to you via email. You will also be notified about our special promotions and offers through emails too. However, if you find these emails bothersome, they can be stopped by unsubscribing from email notification services under profile options.

Management and Removal of Private Information

As long as you remain a member on our online marriage website, your information is safeguarded by us at our discretion. Your private information will be used by us to verify your account. However, removal of your private as well as public information is possible under the ‘Edit Profile’ option. The ‘Profile Option’ page can be used in order to hide your profile or suspend your account due to unavoidable circumstances. The same option can be used to make changes in the profile too. If the profile is hidden by the client, he or she will no longer be sent any notifications via email or SMS. The profile will no longer exist in the database if the account is hidden or suspended. In any of the case, the altered settings shall not be the responsibility of the company and will not be liable for any misuse by the user.

Mandatory Member Information for Recognition Purposes

All members have the facility to get to know each other by sending instant messages as well as emails. Ongoing personal conversations between members are not monitored by us, however, if we suspect that the account holder is a minor or the account in question is being misused; we hold the right to monitor the account. The account will be monitored and access can be revoked/disabled if the member does not comply with our terms of use, disclosure agreement and privacy policy statement. We also reserve the right to remove, edit or delete any information of the client that appears in the site’s public area if it is unsuitable according to our site.