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Safety and Security

Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear. Shaadi Organization® Pakistan helps people in finding a perfect match. For this purpose we have a 100% Free Online Matrimonial website based on purely eastern values. With hundreds of monthly satisfied customers, we are progressing through the heights of success and generating more happiness than anyone else in this industry. We are not a commercial marriage bureau which runs purely on profit. We are an organization and our motive is to help people. To achieve this purpose we are offering many free services to people such as this 100% Free Online Rishta Pakistani Website, free rishta meetings, free place for engagement, free place for nikkah, support for simple nikkah, etc. We only charge fee from those who want to hire us for personalized matchmaking in which our time and energy is spend to find a good match. This personalized matchmaking is a time taking process but it saves time of our client so we only charge fee for this service.

Safety and Security

Many individuals today use online matrimonial services to find a suitable match for themselves from the comfort of their homes. While this is a great trend, many cases of fraud and of people who misuse such matrimonial sites are also reported. In order to help you have a safe experience, we have a compiled a guide on how to remain cautious – take a look!

Refrain from Giving Money to Someone You Find on the Internet

At times, you may come across certain profiles that click with you and the individual approaches you, indulges in sweet talk, and makes false promises to make you fall for them. What’s the catch? They will never agree to a video chat or they won’t give truthful answers to your questions. What you don’t realize is that they are using cheap tactics to play with your feelings to try and trap you. They may be impersonating someone else by using their pictures too. In extreme cases, these malicious individuals find ways to ask you for money by making up fake sob stories about how they need the cash urgently to get something done. If you give them the amount they demand out of pity or love, they disappear like a ghost and you never see them again. So never, EVER, let money get involved.

Say a Big NO to Physical Relationships Before Marriage

Islam strictly prohibits any kind of physical relationship before marriage – it is a highly sinful act. Don’t ever indulge in such an act before marriage for two reasons: 1. You don’t want to displease the Lord; 2. The emotional connection that comes with a physical relationship is extremely hard to get over if things don’t work out. If someone demands that you meet them alone at a private place, NEVER agree. If you have to meet, make sure that you meet them in a public place instead.

Verify the Family Background Before Making a Commitment

Refrain from committing to marriage without having a one-on-one meeting session with the family and relatives of the person you are interested in. Find out the details of their family and background. Visit the place they work. Make sure you do a thorough investigation before making any kind of a commitment. If a person avoids giving you the details of his or her family or workplace, distance yourself from them immediately.

We Care is Pakistan’s most trusted and premier online marriage services provider.’s mission is to connect families and find the perfect life partner for their children. is the only Pakistani matrimony services provider that hosts 100% Genuine Profiles using 3+1 tier system:

  1. Scrutiny
  2. Verification
  3. Approval
  4. My Marriage Consultant

Scrutiny: At this stage, the submitted application is checked to ensure that it fulfills all requirements of a good profile. This is done at support staff level.

Verification: At this stage, application is verified using email, phone / mobile call, documentation checking, and references check. This step is done at management level.

Approval: After the application fulfills above two tiers, profile is approved for listing on site. This is done at an executive level.

VeriSign Secure We use only the best safety locks online so that you can enjoy complete anonymity.
DMCA Now you can log on safely under the DMCA system of ID protection.
CopyScape Security We check all content using our CS account to make sure no one mis-uses it
Reverse Image Search Security We track all your pictures to ensure that no one is copying or using them.
Verified Contact Details We verify all contact details manually in our 3-tiers system.
Verified Profiles We ensure that information presented on profiles are correct.
Phone Security Your phone number is NOT disclosed, unless you authorize yourself.
Photo Security All pictures are water marked for privacy.
Abuse Prevention and Detection System We ensure a quick response of any abuse and disable profile and take legal action
Monitored Chat We monitor the chat portal for any offensive usage.
Monitored Messages We supervise before we authorize messages for users.