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Safety Tips

The customer relation team at is exclusively trained in handling the screening procedure for inappropriate and/or irrelevant content. We follow strict abuse prevention and reporting systems for persons who get through our exclusive screening systems.

However, in order to ensure you of the safety & privacy, we have to work within some limitations. Thus, this makes an important node for you to make sure to practice simple precautions for your privacy and for an exclusive safe and secure experience.


As you are in control of your online experience, you can remain anonymous for the duration you wish for.

Do not include your personal/private information in the conversation like, your name, home address, contact/telephone numbers, office address or any similar sort of information. Also do not send your contact information to anybody you do not trust. does not take any responsibility for the misuse of accounts by the members.


You are required to submit an email account for the purpose of contact and notifications from our marriage online website. The site however does not share the information. As you move through the process of searching for the perfect partner, you need to be vigilant. First trust your connections, then share the email addresses and start communication solely via email.

Before you decide to share your number or email, try to get idea about person you are communicating. Serious people will give you respect and will allow you to take your time. Ask one of your friends to read email as well to identify any warning signs that you may have missed. Remove person from your contacts who pressurize you provide personal information or try to entangle you in any trick.

Using signature lines in your emails that include your personal contact numbers and addresses is not appropriate. Never use your official or personal email address for such kind of communications.

Request for a Photo

Since it is an online marriage website, making a request for photo is a good idea because it will help you get the idea of person’s appearance and this way you may decide at initial stage to forward in communication or not.

With our Photo Request option, you can ask for photos of people you are interested in. Since offers free services like scanning and uploading of photos to its members, there will be no reason for any individual to not be able to provide you with one.

In fact, this is the most reliable and satisfying way, as viewing pictures of someone in different settings like outdoor, indoor, formal, casual etc. can greatly help you with your decision of Shaadi. If someone is making excuses and declining to present you with his or her photos, then there is most probably something wrong or he or she has something to hide from you.

Conversation Over Phone

Having a conversation over a phone call is a great way to know about social and communication skills of a person. Word to the wise, do not just giveaway your personal phone number to any stranger.

Use local telephone blocking techniques or prepaid cell phone number to avert your number from showing on the Caller ID. Only give your phone number when you have background information on the person and feel completely comfortable in talking with him or her.

If someone provides you with a strange area coded phone number, so before making a call, be sure to confirm whether the number is a charge number or not. If it is, then avoid contacting that person.

Meet Only When You Are Ready

The best thing about meeting people online is that you get to know them first before meeting them face to face. Once you are sure about that person, you can arrange a meeting in the offline world whenever you think it is safe and you are ready to do so.

Remember that it totally depends on your will whether it is the right time to take the online relationship offline. Even if you decide to set up a meeting, you can always rearrange or cancel it if you don’t feel comfortable in it. Sometimes people want to keep the relationship anonymous and want it to keep going for a little more time like that for no logical reason at all. Listen to your instincts and trust your decisions before making the big decision of marriage.

Choose A Safe Place To Meet

When you finally decide to arrange a meeting, it is advisable that you include your family in this matter too. But, if you trust that person enough to meet him or her alone, then it would be better to let your close friend or family member to know about the meeting place and time.

When you decide to meet in the offline world, pick a public place like restaurant or café, at a time when there are many people around. Also, arrange for your own transportation.

Meeting someone for the first time alone, after just talking several times on the Shaadi online website, is not such a good idea. It is better to ask your friend to tag along with you and ask the other person to do the same to avoid awkwardness in the situation.

If you are comfortable in meeting him or her alone, then take personal info like cell phone number, address etc. of that person beforehand and give it to someone at home. Make sure you have your cell phone with you as well. Ask your siblings or parents to check up on you after an hour or so.

Never ever plan your first meeting in a place where there are hardly any people around or in a secluded place, like a cyber café or movie theatre.

Always arrange your own transportation on the first meeting and don’t let your prospective have the ‘privilege’ of picking up and dropping you at home and handing over him or her the complete address of where you live.

Look For Danger Signs

In order to avoid any uncomfortable situation, you should keep a close look out for any warning signs and strange vibes from the person you are interest in.

Ask many questions, both personal and non-personal, and look for any inconsistencies. If the person is reliable and trustworthy, he or she will have nothing to hide from you. This will also enable you to perceive cons and liars.

Pay close attention to fluctuations in behavior especially of anger and frustration. Talking in a resentful and indignant manner, getting hyper over small things, making disrespectful comments or using bad words, are all warning sign for you to move on and look for someone else.

Don’t ignore the following things, if they are without any proper and valid reason:

  • Hides or provides false information regarding interests, age, occupation, education, marital status etc.
  • Have distinct appearance in person from pictures and profile
  • Ignores to answer the direct questions
  • Avoid introducing you to friends and family members
Beware of Scam Artists

Beware of money scams and frauds. Apart from our Shaadi team’s sincere efforts to avoid any kind of scam taking place on our platform, there can be a chance for such thing to happen. So we advise you to watch out for such con artists as they are all around the online world.

Avoid communicating with the person who asks for money for any reason. Remember any authentic person will never ask for money for any kind of reason. Just use your common sense, and readily deny the requests of such people. In fact, if some does ask you for money, report him or her to us so that we can take action against that profile.

The best bet is to use your own good judgment and do what your gut tells you to, as at the end of the day, you the one responsible for your experiences. Just have faith on your instincts and it will help choose the right life partner! reserves the right to withhold all the information, remove or make changes to your account in case the requirements are not met by the members. The site shall not be held liable for any misconduct or injury or loss in any case while the members interact with each other.