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Wedding Planning Services

At the moment, we're not actively engaged in Wedding Planning Services.
Our team is fully dedicated to organizing our upcoming event in Dubai, UAE.

There can be countless tasks to cover while planning a wedding. From selecting the venue, music and meal to securing the date, RSVPs and accommodations, then ensuring it all comes together flawlessly. It’s no wonder why some of us brides are compared to a certain creature that overtook Tokyo (stress can be hard on a girl!). In order to worry less and smile more throughout the planning process, it’s beneficial to enlist the help of a professional planner. Whether you’re looking to relinquish total control or only hand over the reigns on the big day, we’re explaining types of wedding planning services to help you which is the right option for you

Every bride and groom dreams about their marriage to be an unforgettable day for them and a mesmerizing event for their family and friends. is here to make that happen. Planning a marriage is in no way an easy task. It involves fatigue and frustrations, debates and confusions about everything from mere fixing of Shaadi date to the design of the bride’s shoes. And it becomes more stressful as the big day comes closer. Wedding planning services from can help you plan your big day well ahead of time.

Tell Us your Dream

First of all, before providing you with any wedding planning services, our team of wedding planners will interview the bride and groom and the concerned family members on how they want the wedding day to be like. When the theme of the marriage ceremonies is mutually decided upon, the planning procedure begins.

Pre Nuptial Functions

We are not here to plan your big day only. will help you every step of your Shaadi. Whether it is your engagement ceremony, Mehndi ceremony or Dholki or any other pre marital event, we can help you make your function the talk of the town with our excellent wedding planning services.

Help With Budget Preparation

Since our Pakistani marriage is of an extravagant nature, you might need advice from our experienced wedding planners on how big a budget is big enough. With the help of our team of wedding planners from , you can set a moderate budget for your big day. A big budget is not necessary to make your wedding day memorable. Whatever your budget may be, we shall provide you assistance accordingly.

Event Planning & Styling

The most important service of all that provides you with its event planning and styling services. You may set a budget on your own and even manage a few things yourself but leave the preparation of your big day to us and our team will not let you down. From photographers to caterers and stage decorators, everything will be taken care of by our experienced wedding planners.

Preparing the Wedding Checklist

Even though Pakistani marriage takes place in a matter of days, it is still better to have a planned wedding so that you have enough time to think about everything necessary for the big event. Making a proper wedding checklist is necessary so that all the necessary ‘Things to Do’ are in one place and there is no chance of missing out on anything. Our wedding planning team will assist you with the wedding checklist as well.

The Guest List

Preparing the guest list can be very time consuming but our wedding planning team will make it all easier for you. Prepare the guest list with our expert professionals so you don’t forget to invite those that matter to you. We can also help you with getting the invitation cards printed at an affordable price.

The Real Deal

The main thing that most couples need help with is making the actual arrangements for the big day like contacting the caterers, bakers, florists, beauticians, photographers, bridal trousseau designers, etc. The major problem is coordinating with them and planning everything to the very last detail. Save yourself from the stress and unload all your worries onto us for our marriage planners are here to make your big day special.

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