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Our Vision

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts: therefore, guard accordingly, and take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature. Shaadi Organization® Pakistan helps people in finding a perfect match. For this purpose we have a 100% Free Online Matrimonial website Shaadi.org.pk based on purely eastern values. With hundreds of monthly satisfied customers, we are progressing through the heights of success and generating more happiness than anyone else in this industry. We are not a commercial marriage bureau which runs purely on profit. We are an organization and our motive is to help people. To achieve this purpose we are offering many free services to people such as this 100% Free Online Rishta Pakistani Website, free rishta meetings, free place for engagement, free place for nikkah, support for simple nikkah, etc. We only charge fee from those who want to hire us for personalized matchmaking in which our time and energy is spend to find a good match. This personalized matchmaking is a time taking process but it saves time of our client so we only charge fee for this service.


Shaadi.org.pk is a Pakistani matrimony website specifically created to help Pakistani singles find a suitable match for them through website and live consultant services. We are dedicated to the cause of bringing Pakistani bachelors together on a platform where they can browse openly and safely about other suitors and find their ideal spouses online. Countless men and women in search of the perfect life partner log onto our Pakistani matrimony site’s online matchmaking web portal every day.

Suitors can find matches for them online and women too can show interest in men they like. All you have to do for finding yourself your ‘happily ever after’ is to sign up for a membership and that too, for free.


Gone are the days when couples used to get married blindly according to their parents’ wishes and barely even knew their spouses well before tying the knot. However, not anymore, Pakistani society has broken the shackles of backwardness and parents here nowadays want their children to get married to the person they like but the problem is how and where to find the perfect match? Here at Shaadi.org.pk, you can search for the perfect soul mate safely through our online marriage portal.


Bringing together the men and women ready to tie a knot and enjoy the beautiful life of togetherness, Shaadi.org.pk, the online marriage portal, aims and promises to facilitate in every way safely possible. Our portal is 100% safe for our members to register. We promise to provide a platform for the interested individuals an interactive platform so that they may get to know their desired profile and then make an informed decisions about the most important event of their life.